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Our energy, our future

Smart Innovation Hub

Unlocking the economic and social benefits of technological and cultural creativity

Plans are underway to establish the Smart Innovation Hub (SIH), a key component of Cornwall’s proposed European Centre for Smart Energy Research, Testing and Standards.

SIH is designed as a business acceleration facility with high connectivity. SIH’s role is to provide a catalyst for driving innovation and growth. Its international reach is complemented by SIH’s role in developing local energy markets and the knowledge economy.

SIH will integrate smart energy developments with emergent digital economy initiatives, as well as historical and contemporary cultural activities. As such SIH will be an internationally leading demonstrator of smart technology integration with the digital delivery of cultural content.

To meet these aims, a partnership has been agreed with the Academy of Innovation and Research (AIR) and The Academy of Music & Theatre Arts, both of Falmouth University.

Attractive to your business? 
Work is underway to develop these plans. If you might be interested in siting your business in the Smart Innovation Hub, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Latest News

The 5 Wren note made its debut at Wadebridge Museum on 30th July.

The Wren is Wadebridge’s local currency, the only one in Cornwall.


A £10,000 fund is available for community projects to benefit people living in Wadebridge, St Kew, St Mabyn and Egloshayle.

The money comes from the Middle Treworder Solar Farm under a “Section 106” agreement made when it was given permission to go ahead, and is available as grants to voluntary and not-for-profit organisations and community groups in the area around the solar farm.


Falmouth University students have designed the future – or some aspects of it at least. The students, supported by Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network, worked with local people to develop ideas to improve life and business using superfast broadband technology and turn the ideas into designs. Their projects are now on display at WREN’s Energy Shop in Wadebridge. 



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