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Community Fund

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WREN generates income from energy projects for local benefit. WREN activities are projected in time to raise over £150,000 per year to be allocated to local projects or reinvested.




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All decisions about the use of the Community Fund are made democratically by the membership. Successful projects are likely to have social, cultural, sporting or environmental purposes, and could come from, for example, youth groups, neighbourhood groups, charities, sports clubs, schools, churches, arts groups, or from those helping vulnerable people.


The first community offer was made in December 2011, for a sum of £5,000. The 6 shortlisted groups were:

Wadebridge Foodbank, Wadebridge Youth Project, Moor Harmony North Cornwall Chorus, Wadebridge District Guides, St Minver Silver ‘B’ Band, Wadebridge Lawn Tennis Club

Wadebridge Foodbank and Storehouse and the Wadebridge Youth Project got the most votes and each receive a cheque for £2,250.WREN Directors present a cheque to Wadebridge Foodbank and StoreHouse during the 1st Round of the Community Fund.

The third pot of money, £500, went to Wadebridge and District Guides, who are working hard to raise money for “The Dream Project” which will pay for a new fit-for-purpose guide hut in Wadebridge. Chris Penfold, Youth Leader with Wadebridge Youth Project, which runs three weekly youth clubs said “Wadebridge Youth Project is thrilled to have won the vote to receive a grant from the WREN Community Fund. The support of the community expressed by voting for the much-needed Community Youth Minibus is a great encouragement. This money is a big boost to our fund-raising, as we now have more than £5,000 of the £25,000 we need”.


Applications for the second round of the WREN Community Fund have now closed. 22 groups have applied for funding.  Voting will open on 15th June and will run for 4 weeks.  Voting is open to WREN members in person at the energy shop.

For more information on the rules of voting please take a look at the document below:

WREN community fund June 2013.

For news on future community awards please keep checking the WREN website.  In general terms to be eligible to apply groups must be from one of the 14 parishes in the Padstow and Wadebridge Network Area (click on the link to Area to find out more).  They must also be non-commercial/not for profit.  For more details about who can apply, and how to apply, click on this link




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Latest News

£10,000 grants for local causes

£10,000 from the Middle Treworder solar farm has been presented to eight community groups in the Wadebridge area.


Vote for locally owned energy

The Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network (WREN) has applied for two grants from Energyfund Cornwall to make a significant step forward for locally-owned community energy. However, to have a chance of winning them it needs to demonstrate support through on-line voting by its supporters for both projects. 



The 5 Wren note made its debut at Wadebridge Museum on 30th July.

The Wren is Wadebridge’s local currency, the only one in Cornwall.



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