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Our energy, our future

WREN Offers

WREN is continually working hard with the best local, trusted installers and suppliers to offer some great renewable energy systems and low carbon technology. All WREN's recommended installers and suppliers are fully accredited, insured and vetted by WREN for their experience, value for money and use of quality products.

By choosing WREN Offers your local community benefits too. For every offer taken up, the installer or supplier will pay a contribution to the WREN Community Fund.


If you generate electricity at your home or business, using solar PV or a wind turbine, say, the chances are that you are exporting up to 70% of the electricity you produce. With a diverter, you can use almost all the energy you produce, thus saving you more money.
A diverter continually monitors the electricity produced by your generation system and the electricity you use in the building. It automatically detects when generation exceeds consumption and, instead of exporting it to the grid, diverts the surplus electricity to alternatives such as the immersion heater, storage heaters or battery banks. As soon as it detects that there is no surplus, the diverter stops diverting, ensuring you do not import energy unnecessarily.

We have researched the diverter market, assessed the relative merits of products, and are able to promote to our members two different diverters at an installed price from around £400

100% Renewable Energy Tariff

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WREN is working with Good Energy, one of the UKs only suppliers of 100% renewably generated electricity, and is able to give you Wr25 and a contribution to the community WREN Community Fund if you switch to them for your electricity supply through WREN. Good Energy offers a 100% renewable electricity tariff from certified renewable sources such as sun, wind and water. So by switching to Good Energy you are doing your part to reduce your homes carbon footprint and helping to bring the country towards a greener future. To find out more click here.


Biomass Boilers and Solar Thermal

The Renewable Heat incentive is now available for domestic customers on these two technologies.  The RHI amounts to a tariff paid quarterly across 7 years, and likely total amounts are as follows:

Biomass - £7000 to £35,000

Solar Thermal - £1500 to £2000

Talk to WREN for more details, and for referral to out vetted local installers.  We also offer either 25 or 50 Wrens with any of these installations.


Commercial Biomass Heating

commercial biomass window

Are you a business? Are you looking to save money, make money and reduce your carbon footprint? WREN is working with local and trusted installers to offer commercial biomass systems. Using wood fuel instead of conventional oil or gas could save you up to 40% in fuel costs and generate an income stream with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments. Click on the image to find out more. 

If you'd like to know more about biomass heating click here.


Domestic Solar PV Panels: New Lower Prices!

solar pv

WREN is working with local installers to offer complete domestic PV systems using quality products and a bonus 25 Wrens to spend in participating Wadebridge businesses. New low prices mean that even with the Feed in Tariff being halved over the last year your system could still pay back within 7 years. Click on the image to find out more about our 4kW system.


Commercial Solar PV Panels

business pv

WREN is working with local installers to offer competitively priced larger scale PV systems. Our recommended installers will work with your business to create a system tailored to your building

and your needs. Click on the image to find out more about our 10kW PV offer.

Cooker Conversion

cooker thumbConvert your cooker from oil to electric with locally based Cornish Cooker Conversions. Save carbon, save money and collect 25 Wrens to spend in Wadebridge based businesses.





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Latest News

Wadebridge Energy Company partners with South West Water

For the first time in nearly ninety years, Wadebridge will have its own electricity generating company. Wadebridge Energy Company will install solar panels on roofs and is working with South West Water on an installation to power one of its treatment works.



£10,000 grants for local causes

£10,000 from the Middle Treworder solar farm has been presented to eight community groups in the Wadebridge area.


Vote for locally owned energy

The Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network (WREN) has applied for two grants from Energyfund Cornwall to make a significant step forward for locally-owned community energy. However, to have a chance of winning them it needs to demonstrate support through on-line voting by its supporters for both projects. 




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