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Tidal Energy


This technology is essentially the same as hydro, but rather than relying on constant running water, or a lake used for that purpose, the power source is the rise and fall of the tides.

WREN has undertaken a study to look at potential for a barrage type system at three points on the Camel in and downstream of Wadebridge with Vergerg’s Spectral Marine Energy Converter. This system, explained in the video below, has the advantage over barrages that it has little impact upon intertidal ecology and fish survival.

So far, the potential energy source does not appear to justify the capital costs, but if the installation were part of a future flood defence scheme, then the paybacks from the energy supply would pay for the flood barrier.

We also have students looking at various aspects of the tides in the Camel estuary, including monitoring tidal flows at various points, and looking at the modern potential of the old ‘sea mills’ idea.

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Latest News

New Operations Manager Appointed

Dominic Comonte has been appointed Operations Manager, with immediate effect. Dominic was previously WREN's project manager. 

Read more about him here


The Wadebridge Energy Futures Exhibition is now live!



WREN has a new director. Rachel Wigglesworth was co-opted as Director of Public Health at the Board meeting on 21st January 2014.



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