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One of the founding principles of WREN is that it is irresponsible to promote substantial public programmes without evaluating their impact. It is common for interventions to be promoted without coherent underpinning, and too many ungrounded assertions of the benefits of particular strategies are made.

WREN is therefore determined that any subsequent claims of benefit, or areas of failure, are informed by external evidence.

As the academic output grows, and becomes of wider interest, WREN will develop on its website an academic partnership page to describe initiatives, collaborations, and make available published outputs.

In summary, academic partnerships are being expanded to allow WREN to develop, with its academic partners, a broad-­based funded evaluation programme, and a distinctive dissemination process of findings to add to debates on the role of community energy schemes, and identify replicable components.

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Latest News

The WREN Annual General Meeting has been announced for Tuesday 30th September 2014 at 7 p.m. in Wadebridge Town Hall. 


Vote for locally owned energy

The Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network (WREN) has applied for two grants from Energyfund Cornwall to make a significant step forward for locally-owned community energy. However, to have a chance of winning them it needs to demonstrate support through on-line voting by its supporters for both projects. 



The 5 Wren note made its debut at Wadebridge Museum on 30th July.

The Wren is Wadebridge’s local currency, the only one in Cornwall.



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