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smartmeteringThere is a lot of talk of smart metering. It can help energy providers to manage their networks better, but monitors don’t make much difference to people’s behaviour. The issue is not behaviour, but culture, so WREN is working to make smart metering a social experience. In this way we hope to make substantial reductions in people’s energy bills.

A key issue is to transform monitoring data into information that accords with people’s own concerns, and so makes energy decisions as accessible as decisions relating to other aspects of household budgeting.

The WRENGAGE programme is therefore designed to engage people socially while gauging their energy use. It is a collaboration between WREN, Carnego Systems and Eco-Eye.

Automatic and real-time data collection is uploaded into a cloud-based industry strength database.

A range of analytical tools and applications are then applied to the data to construct meaningful summary information that can be accessed via the WREN website. This allows people to compare their use with others, in terms of housing type and household structure, and allows them to interact with others if they wish. Allied information will also be presented, including weather, local news feeds, transport timetables, entertainment and so on, to render the experience as engaging as possible.  

In this way the current disconnect between individual smart metering and people’s actual concerns will be reduced. A key attribute of the WRENGAGE approach is that it is designed as a retrofit programme. Such systems have been implemented in specialised developments, whereas the WRENGAGE system is readily replicable across the wider population.smartmetering1

The installation of a FREE smart meter into your home will give you the information you need to take charge of your energy use and introduce you to the WRENGAGE programme.  

Whether your motivation is saving money, or reducing your carbon footprint, the smart meter, along with our support, can help you reduce your energy use by up to 15%. As Wadebridge looks set to become a beacon for renewable energy and sustainability what better time to consider practical ways of reducing energy use and bills?




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Latest News

A £10,000 fund is available for community projects to benefit people living in Wadebridge, St Kew, St Mabyn and Egloshayle.

The money comes from the Middle Treworder Solar Farm under a “Section 106” agreement made when it was given permission to go ahead, and is available as grants to voluntary and not-for-profit organisations and community groups in the area around the solar farm.


Falmouth University students have designed the future – or some aspects of it at least. The students, supported by Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network, worked with local people to develop ideas to improve life and business using superfast broadband technology and turn the ideas into designs. Their projects are now on display at WREN’s Energy Shop in Wadebridge. 


75 children from primary schools in the Wadebridge area seized the opportunity to design WREN’s new Wr5 note.



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