Unlocking the economic and social benefits of technological and cultural creativity

WREN is developing a wider platform for releasing the benefits of the move to distributed generation. This shift from a largely centralised energy system to many localised ones is a global transition.

WREN’s contribution is to demonstrate that this transition can reinstate the economic resilience and well-being characteristic of the market town. A local energy market replaces what was lost when traditional markets closed and supply chains lengthened.

These plans provide a framework through which the town of Wadebridge can build on its strong foundations in this field to develop and deliver a pioneering programme of work. Through taking a strategic approach, in partnership with industry and academia, not only will this programme make Wadebridge a better place to live and work, but more importantly will create a scalable and replicable model which will be applicable to the rest of Cornwall and the wider European Union.

Take a look at the plan here.

In addition to investment in these development programmes, a physical space will be established – the Smart Innovation Hub (SIH) -  to function as a business acceleration facility with high connectivity. 

SIH’s role is to provide a catalyst for driving innovation and growth.

SIH integrates smart energy developments with emergent digital economy initiatives, as well as historical and contemporary cultural activities. As such SIH will become an internationally leading demonstrator of smart technology integration with the digital delivery of cultural content.  For more information on the SIH please click here.


Amart Innovation Hub


This is a collaborative programme between WREN, Falmouth University, Cornwall College, Cornwall Development Company, Wadebridge and District Chamber of Commerce and Wadebridge Town Council.

Attractive to your business? 
If you might be interested in siting your business in the Smart Innovation Hub, email energy@wren.uk.com