WREN responds to Cornwall Council's Climate Emergency Development Plan Document

 In August, Cornwall Council launched a consultation on its Climate Emergency Development Plan Document (DPD). This 65 page document addresses how Cornwall Council should change its policies for planning to contribute to the goal of carbon neutrality by 2030. It says in the foreword:

"We will need to continue to house our residents, provide infrastructure and ensure that our children have a Cornwall in which they can continue to live and work. Planning Policies will have a major impact on the way that places grow and change and how we can protect and shape the Cornwall of the future."
The DPD can be found here: https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/media/44143259/climate-emergency-dpd-2-v2.pdf

WREN identified a number of issues with the DPD, where we thought improvements could and should be made, and wrote a response addressing the overall principles and the specifics of Sustainable Transport, Renewable Energy, and Energy & Sustainable Construction, where we have experience and expertise. You can see our complete response document here.

We also made contact with other community energy groups and individuals across Cornwall to discuss our and their responses to the DPD. Whilst we did not (and did not intend to) produce a composite response, this discussion enabled some cross-fertilisation of ideas and a general enhancement of all the responses. We hope to continue this engagement in future on all-Cornwall community energy issues.


25th September 2020