Okay – so we had planned an Energy Equality Launch Event in Wadebridge Town Hall on 16th April, then cancelled it (for obvious reasons), but we are now relaunching it as a video-conference: Zoom in on Energy Equality. It's still on 16th April, at 6.30 pm, but you don't have to leave home to see and hear guest speakers and participate in a question and answer session about our peer-to-peer trading concept.

Fill in our questionnaire and include your email address to ensure that you receive an invitation to the video-conference.

The WREN Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 22nd October 2019 at 7 pm at the John Betjeman Centre, Southern Way, Wadebridge.

All WREN members are entitled (and encouraged!) to attend.

WREN is delighted to announce that the Middle Treworder Solar Farm community fund is once again open for applications, with over £10,000 available.

Two community funds administered by WREN (Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network) have awarded a total of over £64,000 to 32 community groups and projects.

At the WREN AGM on 25th September 2018, Emily Pollitt gave a presentation on plastics and plastic waste, highlighting the issues of plastic waste, and also the advantages of plastic as a material and the complexities of reducing plastic usage and waste.