If you generate electricity at your home or business, using solar PV or a wind turbine, say, the chances are that you are exporting between 50 and 70% of the electricity you produce.

With a diverter, you can use almost all the energy you produce, thus saving you more money.  
A diverter continually monitors the electricity produced by your generation system and the electricity you use in the building. It automatically detects when generation exceeds consumption and, instead of exporting it to the grid, diverts the surplus electricity to alternatives such as the immersion heater, storage heaters or battery banks. As soon as it detects that there is no surplus, the diverter stops diverting, ensuring you do not import energy unnecessarily.

We have researched the diverter market, assessed the relative merits of products, and are able to promote to our members two different diverters with an installed price of around £400.