Some days ago, around the end of March 2022, the former England international footballer and current sports presenter Gary Lineker tweeted something in support of achieving Net Zero carbon emissions. There was an immediate pile-on, which split into two groups. One group said, more or less, ‘Well said, Gary’. The other said, ‘You’re a rich man who can afford all this net zero stuff like heat pumps. Most of us can’t.’

The Cornish Guardian on 21st June 2017 ran a letter saying that we were being brainwashed into thinking electric cars were the future, and that EVs were not for ordinary people, focussing mainly on the charging issue. I sent a response to the paper, which wasn’t published, and this blog post is an extended version of that letter.

This blog post aims to provide objective facts in response to frequent claims made by anti-wind campaigners.

The headline on a Western Morning News front page on 17th April 2015 read: ‘Save energy and save the countryside’ plea.

The plea came not from the Green party or Friends of the Earth, as you might imagine, but from the CPRE – the Campaign to Protect Rural England.