You’d expect an “Energy Shop” located on a main shopping street to be in the business of selling energy, but you’d be wrong. It’s WREN’s public face in Wadebridge, the place to go for advice and help on renewables and energy efficiency, staffed by volunteers. But what actually happens inside? I went to see.

... of the WREN Board Meeting, 1st October 2013*.

WREN has monthly board meetings, which are open to any of the 1001 WREN members to attend. I proved this last Tuesday when I went along, but I was the only one of what you might term the general membership to do so. Even that is being a bit disingenuous, since I went mainly because I’ve taken up doing this blog. I’m sure, though, that more members would be welcome.

This blog is a new feature of the WREN website, with comment and opinion on ‘renewables’ events and ideas, both local and further afield, and although it may overlap a little with items reported elsewhere on the site, don’t look here for breaking news.

My name is Kevin Smith. I am a relatively long-standing member of WREN, since before I properly lived in Wadebridge, but a brand new volunteer, inspired by… well read it for yourself.
What follows is a slightly adapted version of the posting I wrote for my own blog (at