Enough solar PV to power 1,120 homes

Enough renewable heat to heat 279 homes

– together enough energy to make 314 million cups of tea


The details

WREN's paid-up, voting members 1130
WREN Solar PV 104 installations - 880 kWp
WREN-influenced Solar PV 2.64 MW
Wadebridge Energy Co Solar PV 100kW
Renewable Heat Installations 61 installations - 1197 kW
WREN-influenced renewable heat 4 installations - 710 kW
Household insulation - CERT funded 160 households
Renewables Community Funds administered £400,000 to date
WREN Community Fund offer £10,000 allocation made to date


WREN also:

  • Facilitated St Breock wind-farm re-power with REG Windpower, and is managing a community fund that has grown to £60,000 annually
  • Is managing the £10,000 per year Treworder Solar Park community fund
  • Ran the Sunshine Tariff Trial with Western Power Distribution to investigate the effect of time-of-use tariffs in shifting electricity demand to off-peak
  • Ran the WREN Energy Shop in central Wadebridge for five years, offering advice on energy saving and energy generation