Reports Delivered

NZCom has eight different project streams or 'work packages', each performed primarily by one of the partners. There are, of course, links and overlaps between the work packages, which the project will bring together as a whole.

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WP 2

Review of published energy scenarios and associated methodologies 
High level net zero scenarios for the Wadebridge and Padstow community network area 
Methodology for communities developing local net zero scenarios
Future energy scenarios workshop report

WP 3

Community scale NZC 2050 carbon accounting method 

WP 4

Review of Technical and System Options 
Wadebridge and Padstow Community Network Area Net Zero 2050 Report 
Characterisation of confining factors to meeting net zero

WP 5

Establishing socioeconomic outcomes of community business models 
Community business cases - Options 
Low Carbon Energy Advisor Outline Business Case
Questions for Communities
A Guide for Communities

WP 7

Reducing consumer energy costs with an innovative heat pump tariff and peak avoidance strategies

WP 8

Vulnerability in the Energy Sector – Domestic consumers
Working definition of vulnerability of non-domestic consumers


Project Manager and WREN Technical Director, Chris Coonick, presented an update to the annual general meeting at the end of September 2021.
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