Your Energy Transition

A day dedicated to local people, households, community groups & businesses in our collective journey to a net zero future

Thursday, 26 January 2023, 11:00 – 21:30

Wadebridge Town Hall

Your Energy Transition – An invitation from Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network (WREN) and its Net Zero Community (NZCom) project partners, Community Energy Plus (CEP), Planet A Solutions and the University of Exeter, funded by National Grid Energy Distribution.

From transport, heating & energy, to food, farming, insulation & renewables, we look at how we can all achieve our climate goals whilst leaving no-one behind.

This is a FREE drop-in event for all ages on Thursday 26th January from 11.00 to 21:30 at Wadebridge Town Hall, with a whole range of activities and exhibits during the day and the main presentation of findings between 17.30 and 19.30. There will be refreshments served!

Although it’s free, please register with us at Eventbrite so that we know how many people are likely to be coming. 


WREN will be launching and demonstrating the new online Future Energy Tool for communities. This is aimed at benefiting organisations, such as community energy and climate groups, town and parish councils, businesses and planners, as well as households and individuals. The Future Energy Tool will be presented at 3:30pm and again in the evening.

We will also be launching the new Net Zero Community Guide – written to assist community energy, climate action and other groups in defining a journey to net zero for the communities that they represent, answering the questions:

  • How do we help our community make the transition to a low carbon future?
  • What do we need to know and understand about our community?
  • Where are the most vulnerable members of our community and what help do they need?


Highlights include:

  • NZCom Presentations from WREN’s Technical Director, Chris Coonick, and project partners.
  • The NZCom Future Energy Tool LAUNCH – see what choices you can make to bring the running cost and associated carbon down for your home. How does your home compare with others?
  • ‘Water World’ – see a local energy market in action, take hands-on control over where your energy comes from, dial up the sun and the wind and see what happens. For kids of all ages.
  • DIY Draught Excluder Workshop with The Betjeman Belles – make yourself a draft excluder and keep cosy and warm in your home this winter.
  • Push-bike and e-bike demonstrations from the Wadebridge Bike Shop – see if you can top the leader board to be the fastest net zero cyclist.
  • Local Net Zero Heroes– be inspired by our local net zero heroes and see how making your home energy efficient isn’t as hard as it may seem.
  • Start your own journey to net zero and talk to our exhibitors – local experts in low carbon heating, solar panel installers and much more.
  • Film Premier ‘Food for Thought’, Cornwall Climate Care 19.30 plus Q&A


  • NZCom Project Partner: Community Energy Plus (CEP)
  • NZCom Project Partner: Planet A Solutions CIC
  • NZCom Project Partner: University of Exeter
  • Badger Forest School
  • Beach Guardians
  • Bennamann
  • Betjeman Belles WI
  • Camel Community Supported Agriculture (Camel CSA)
  • Centre for Energy Equality
  • Choose Nature
  • Cornwall Climate Action Network
  • Cornwall Climate Care
  • Cornwall Council – Carbon Neutral Team
  • Planet A Solutions CIC
  • Tevi
  • Ver Facil
  • Wadebridge Bike Shop
  • Wadebridge Foodbank
  • Wadebridge Life
  • ZLC Energy

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