COP26 Wadebridge Walk-in Surgery

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Wednesday 10th November,

Drop in any time 5:30pm - 8pm, 

John Betjeman Centre

We’ll have people from WREN and our project partners available to talk about:

  • What do the commitments made in Glasgow this week mean to Wadebridge folk?
  • How do they relate to you, your family or business?
  • Are your energy bills sky rocketing?
  • How can you save money?
  • what is Net Zero and how do we get there?
  • What would a perfect Net Zero Wadebridge look like to you?
  • Have you made changes to reduce your carbon footprint? We want to know….

We’re here to listen. The touring WREN Energy shop is back! Come along to the Betjeman Centre for free impartial advice and solutions to becoming more energy efficient, saves you money and helps reduce CO2 emissions.

We'll be happy to discuss all things relating to the climate emergency, COP26, transport, the risks to our local environment, what is Net Zero and how do we get to it.  


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