There were a lot of items on the agenda for the November Board meeting, but the ones that took the time were all connected thematically. You could simplistically boil it down to: "What do we want to do and how do we tell people about it."

A week beforehand, there was a volunteers' meeting attended by four or five who mainly staff the shop and five or six who are directors. The shop volunteers wanted to know more of what was gong on in WREN and better resource materials and training, so as to be more confident in helping people who came in. Following on from that meeting there was a proposal to do a proper analysis of the communications needed by WREN, to volunteers, members and other interested parties.

On Wednesday 6th November, just in time for remembrance, the Wadebridge War Memorial in Coronation Park was re-lit.

The memorial stands above the town, up a narrow Cornish lane and well past the houses, and the wind was blowing more than somewhat. As I arrived an official-looking gent in a smart overcoat and a name badge was setting out plastic chairs. “Are these for VIPs or can anyone sit here?” I asked. “They’re for anyone who needs them, who can’t stand,” he said. The wind blew over half a dozen chairs. “I’ll sit on this one till someone needs it, to stop it blowing away,” I said.

PIMBY? PIMBY? Don’t you mean NIMBY? What’s a PIMBY?

“Please in my back yard” is what it means. People who want to see wind farms and solar panel arrays built because of the impact that fossil fuels have had, are having and will have upon the global ecosystem – you know, that thing we rely on to grow food, replenish oxygen, maintain temperatures and just generally stay alive...

12 people. Just 12. That was the number The One Show on BBC last evening (16th Oct) quoted as taking up the ‘Green Deal’ through to completion. The government's programme to encourage energy efficiency measures and provide loan finance to pay for them was, it implied, a failure. Then today (17th Oct) official statistics up to the end of September were released by DECC.