WREN hosted an event in Wadebridge Town Hall on Wednesday 8th February, to mark the end of the Sunshine Tariff Trial with a presentation of the results followed by dinner. Over 40 people attended, mostly participants in the trial, but some members also.

Would you like to help make the decisions about who receives grants from the St Breock Windfarm Community Fund? 

The £50,000 St Breock Windfarm community fund is open again for applications.

WREN has achieved much in its first five years. It was set up to promote the benefits of a low carbon economy and through local ownership of local renewable energy generating capacity, to retain the benefits of energy generation in our community.

The Pengelly CE Wind Ltd Community Fund is again available for projects in St Breock and Wadebridge and this year there is £10,000 available for grants to not-for-profit organisations.